SEIYU|Supporting your everyday life

We’ve been doing everything we can. To help keep your everyday life moving forward.


As in other countries, the coronavirus crises caused the government of Japan to declare a state of emergency. Most stores closed as a result and unessential outings became restricted. Amid such dramatic changes in the social environment, SEIYU supermarket continued operating 24 hours a day as usual to support people’s daily lives.
Staff members working at the supermarkets suffer from stress and anxiety because numerous customers raise the risk of coronavirus transmission, many customers complain about the shortage of goods from panic buying, and there’s a need to sanitize everything with alcohol and maintain social distance to prevent infection. To raise awareness and appreciation of supermarket staff members’ efforts to support society and prevent infection, this movie presents them hard at work.

At the same time, over 50 media outlets reported that SEIYU gave each worker a special 15,000 yen bonus in honor of their special effort. When SEIYU later announced it would hire 3,000 additional people to reduce the burden on its workers, over 30,000 people applied.