Our slogan is Interesting work.
Interesting company.

Interesting work. An interesting company. is the corporate slogan of ENJIN Co.
The slogan is to do the kind of work that makes people happy and makes people say, "Interesting! and to do the kind of work that makes people happy.
When society is happy, we are happy. We can be happy, too.
When there is a lot of happiness, the company becomes more interesting.
When the company becomes more interesting, more interesting ideas will be born.

In a slow-growing Japanese society, of course, there are many problems that companies face in their business.
How do you create solutions in such a situation? This is a challenge for all marketers, but we hope to contribute to the prosperity of society by using the strategy of refining the right brain.
It is said that people think with their left brains and move with their right brains, that is, they think with their left brains and move with their right brains. However, I believe that the so-called "marketing" of the past has placed too much emphasis on logic and too
little on sensibility. The more elaborate the ideas that come from logical thinking, the more they all end up being the same. No differentiation is possible. It is like saying that if you let a computer design a car that minimizes aerodynamic drag, all cars will have the same

We want to hone our right brains and design solutions with unique and distinctive ideas. We find the germ of a solution to a problem in logical thinking and arrive at a superior solution in emotional thinking. We want to "think with the right brain, stimulate the human right
brain, and move people." We believe that this is the best way to achieve this goal.

Creating new solutions is a very creative process. The left brain is responsible for accumulating and analyzing past data and building up logic, but the right brain is responsible for creating something new for the future, which is not an easy task. This is because "creation"
requires the power of imagination, or the "power to make art," which is the ability to create something from scratch.

ENJIN TOKYO refines the right brain.
We hope to contribute to the prosperity of society by constantly creating "something new" with the "power to create art.

President & CEO
Seiichi Nishikawa


Creation of ideas is our business.
We contribute to the prosperity of society by practicing "interesting work and interesting company" in a free and vigorous corporate culture.

Mission / Vision

Creating Prosperity.

We create prosperity for our customers, prosperity for society, prosperity for the world, prosperity for the earth, and prosperity for people's hearts and minds through creativity that is not bound by common sense.


Bright, fun and positive. Work hard and with sincerity.

Action Guidelines

Our Beliefs

Our business is the creation of ideas.
Therefore, our business is unlimited as long as our ideas are not exhausted.

Our business must not be passive.
We sell our ideas and walk away. Until we find a buyer.

Ideas come from a free and open space.
Therefore, we always strive to maintain a bright, happy, clean, and healthy work environment.
We must therefore always strive to maintain a bright, happy, clean, and healthy work environment.
A free space is nurtured by such an environment.

Don't say the company is boring. Don't say that work is boring.
Create something interesting on your own.

Don't be carried away by the easy way out.
Easy work is nothing but a waste of time.
You can gain growth by challenging yourself to do difficult work.

Our work is not labor.
Labor is passive work. Work is something we create ourselves.
Work is interesting. Labor is boring.

Respect the greed of insight, the keen sensitivity of the mind, and the power of fantasy.

There is nothing that cannot be done.
Know that "I can't do it" is the last thing you say after you have thought it over to death.

Without a medium- to long-term vision, short-term success is impossible.
It is only when you have dreams and hopes for the future that you can overcome immediate difficulties with wisdom and ingenuity.

Perform a million simulations.
Accuracy will increase, confidence will grow, and a sense of power and "commitment" to your business will emerge.

Start from scratch.
A unique, superior, original idea has a competitive advantage.
Clients have a reason to buy.
Generous profits follow.

Success is celebrated and failure must be paid for.

Evaluation is measured by the quality and quantity of work.
Be fair.

Respect civility and be honest with yourself and others.
Respect individuality.

Act with style. Be well-groomed.
Don't be tacky!

Do not behave meanly.
Cowardly behavior will only lead to your own meanness and corruption.

Work hard and fulfill your responsibilities.

Create a free and open-minded corporate culture with everyone.

Our Way of Thinking

ART (0 → 1): The power to create 0 → 1.
With Instinct and Insight, plus the power of ART
We provide solutions to our clients' businesses.

Bold ideas that disrupt the status quo, rather than compromises that no one will say no to!


Man is an animal that moves faithfully to his instincts.
We cherish this fact, which is too obvious and often forgotten.
The core of ape man's ideas goes to human instincts.
Too much data-driven thinking can sometimes make us forget to see people as people, and we end up creating communications that don't work.
It creates communication that is correct in logic but ineffective.


What do people really think and want?
People do not always speak the truth, and they also have the ability to use different words depending on the environment of the day.
To find true desires among such people requires a great deal of information.
The time period, history, birth and upbringing, trends, culture, and so on.
A wide variety of data can help us find the true insight, as long as we do not play with numbers.


Our business is not to create advertisements.
We are not in the business of creating advertisements.
That is our job and mission.