Our slogan is “Optimistic work, optimistic company”.

We want to put work out that catches people off guard, stirs up debate, gets people feeling something and talking about what they experienced. When fun things are going on in culture, we are happy, and at ENJIN TOKYO, we want to contribute more fun and joy to society through our work.

As companies face more complicated problems today, they require not only traditional marketing solutions, but fresh thinking that deeply influences and affects their business while addressing social issues. How do we invent effective solutions in this complicated, ever-changing climate? We think there is a logical strategy to approach this familiar marketer’s dilemma, while helping society in the process. “People think with logic but behave on impulse.” Despite this simple truth, aren’t traditional marketing campaigns still overly dependent on logic and light on whimsy and instinct?

When you only rely on logic, you cut off a wide range of possibilities, and default to the same stale thinking of other brands. At ENJIN TOKYO, we are all about driving our right-brain to create a solution with a one-of-a-kind idea, and one that grabs attention. It’s about finding a specific drop of inspiration in a vast sea of logic and then nurturing this solution in an emotional atmosphere. In other words, we use our right brain to spark the right brains of others into action.

A brand new solution is a product of truly creative work. It does require data and analysis. But imagination and the ability to create art, to take a leap, and to build something out of nothing are even more important.

At ENJIN TOKYO, we work tirelessly to create new, artful solutions to bring prosperity to society.

Our Philosophy

We’re in the business of creating ideas.
With our culture of spirited freedom,
“Optimistic work, optimistic company” is not just an idea for us,
it’s actual practice, in contributing to bring prosperity to our society as a whole.

Mission & vision

“Create prosperity”


With creativity that goes beyond the norm, we create
   prosperity for customers
   prosperity for society
   prosperity for the world
   prosperity for the earth
   prosperity for people’s hearts

Our Motto

Have spirit.  Have fun.  Be positive.
Give it everything you’ve got and be sincere in doing it.

Guiding Principles

Our Credo

Our Way of Thinking
Our Way of Thinking


Human behavior is driven by instinct.An obvious fact which tends to be ignored is what we prioritize. The core of our idea rings true to human instincts. An excessively data-driven approach may be correct logically but carries a risk of pushing us away from this human truth, leading to a communication program that makes no impact.


What do people really want? What are they really thinking? People don’t always speak the truth. They can and will change their opinion depending on the situation.
To uncover their real desire, we look to variety of information, from the times,
the history, their upbringing, the trend, the culture, etc. The myriad of data will help to uncover the true insight as long as we know not to let the numbers take over.

Client business

We are not in the business of making advertising.
Our task and mission is to contribute to our client’s business by finding a solution to their challenges through the effective designing of the optimal communication program.

Company Name
March 21, 2012
JPY 60,700,000
Carrot Tower, 4-1-1 Taishido, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo 154-0004
Board members
CEO / Seiichi Nishikawa
Outside Director / Takayuki Aomi
Outside Director / Shinichiro Nakahara
Outside Corporate Auditor / Hiroshi Kondo

Executive Officer / Isao Tomizawa
Executive Officer / Motohiro Kasahara
Executive Officer / Yoshiyuki Kawai
Executive Officer / Kazuhiro Nakaminami

Advisor / Junichi Nakazawa

Advisor / Kotaro Taketsuru
Number of employees
54(as of December 31, 2020)
Communication Designing, Brand Consulting, Product Planning, Advertisement,
Events, Promotion, PR, etc.
More Details
Oriental Land Co., Ltd.
Nomura Holdings, Inc.
Nomura Securities Co. Ltd.
Nichirei Coropration.
All Nippon Airways Co.,ltd.  
Japan National Tourism Organization(JNTO).
Kirin Brewery Company, Limited.
Crocs Japan GK.
Lotte Co., Ltd.
IHG ANA Hotels Group Japan.
Nikkei Inc. 
Mizuho Bank, Ltd. Toranomon Branch
The Bank of Yokohama, Ltd. Shimbashi Branch
MUFG Bank, Ltd. Toranomon Branch
Award List