PROMPERU releases, “Peru, the Great Nation of the Unexpected,” its first branding promotion for the Japanese market



For PROMPERU, ENJIN TOKYO took charge of its first branding promotion to the Japanese market with a title, “Peru, the Great Nation of the Unexpected.”  Although there are many tremendously magnificent sceneries and attractiveness beyond imagination in Peru, they are still not well known in Japan.  The fact that days required for traveling unexpectedly is not so long and travel cost not so expensive are also not well known. In order to eliminate misunderstandings and make Peru a country from “I want to visit sometime in the future” to “I want to visit next time,” we developed a concept that concentrates the attractiveness of Peru in one line, “Peru, the Great Nation of the Unexpected” and designed an execution plan.
This is not just an ordinary tourist movie featuring beautiful images with music but is a visualization of a pursuit in creating a movie of Peru travel with reality to arouse travel motivation and encourage action.  In order to communicate variety of aspects and choices in travel schedule, we shot and created two movies simultaneously under completely different directions both with a unique perspective of its own.  We chose different influencers for each movie as the main communicator and while maintaining a common tourist point of view and limiting locations to places that can be packaged in one week, we designed them so that the contrast of the two movies are able to reach and pull interest of a wider audience.
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