Save on family food expenses! SEIYU One Week 10,000 Yen Challenge




According to a survey of family budgets, 91% of households are normally money conscious due to the rising food prices.  Data also shows that for a family of three, average spending on food is 16,288 yen per week (excluding outside dining and alcoholic beverages.)  In the “One Week 10,000 Yen Challenge,” we came up with ideas together with popular cooking specialist Hamagohan, of fun and stress-free, cost saving recipes for a family of three that people can stick to while keeping food expense under 10,000 yen per week. Making full use of SEIYU economical private brand products “Minasama no Osumitsuki,” we proposed cost saving recipes for lunch and dinner from Monday to Sunday.

In the project movie, cooking specialist Hamagohan actually visits the SEIYU store and purchases ingredients under 10,000 yen and by managing those ingredients, demonstrates cost saving recipes that everyone can prepare in less than 10 minutes. 

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