A new project to succeed songs of the past to the subscription era, Old To The New, Part 2




Old To The New is a project that covers and arranges famous songs to succeed them to the modern days.  Part 2 features a brilliant 12 years old elementary school singer, Reia Kato singing “Kessen wa Kinyoubi” by Dreams Come True.  To express the theme of “breaking out of the shell,” Reia while still in her path of developing her identity and finding ways of self expression, sings the song in a rock-punk style at a school setting.   

As in Part 1, famous musicians such as Ueno Koji, former member of THEE MICHELLE GUN ELEPHANT, Kenji Fujii, Isao Takano and Yuko Arai of The Birthday gathered together and the gorgeous band created a sound with profound depth.  That combined with Reia’s vivid and strong voice completed a powerful and bold version of “Kessen wa Kinyoubi.” 

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