Asahi Seika (confectionery manufacturer) / Yawairo Uiro

Re-introduce “uiro” to a new generation


Helped a traditional sweet make a whole new impression.

“Uiro” is a traditional steamed rice flour confection, long loved in Japan. However, recently it’s been more popular with the older generation as western style and newer Japanese sweets gained popularity. In this project, we looked to develop a new concept, product name, package design and container for Asahi Seika’s new uiro offering.

A traditional design made new

Uiro is considered one of the more old-fashioned, traditional Japanese sweets and is not popular among young Japanese. To rebrand uiro and make it more attractive to young people, we totally rethought the packaging, to modernize it, while keeping a sense of the traditional. We created 8 different variations of packaging, each wrapped in different designs to make them more surprising.

Japanese youth and the world took notice

The new packaging design was well received by young people and many posted photos of the packages on Instagram or elsewhere using the #yawairo uiro or #uiro hashtag. This project earned many awards in Japan and abroad, including a Bronze Award in the Package design category at ONE SHOW, one of the world’s three most prestigious advertising award competitions.


ONE SHOW, Bronze Award in package design category
D&AD Awards, Wood Pencil in design category
Design for Asia Award, Bronze Award in design category
GOOD DESIGN AWARD, Good Design Award
TOKYO ADC, Finalist in package design category