The Tokyo 2020 Bid Committee / Presentation movie


Conveying Tokyo's unique attractions and excitement to the world.



Made a compelling case to answer “IS JAPAN COOL?”

Our videos and website for the “IS JAPAN COOL?” initiative for ANA captured the attention of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Bid Committee members. They were having trouble building a case to convince the world that Tokyo was a better host than candidate cities Istanbul and Madrid. In May 2013, a creative team from our company was selected to join a sports accord meeting in St. Petersburg, Russia to help sell the value of Tokyo.


Spotlighted the ”contrast and chaos” of Tokyo for the world to see

While Istanbul and Madrid both focused on presenting their beautiful landscapes, Japan highlighted the “contrast and chaos” of Tokyo and the character of its people, like young urban athletes and working women. Based on this strategy, we created two presentation movies with a theme of “Discover Tomorrow” and a hundred 140-page photo albums given out to the voting members of the International Olympic Committee.


The Olympics return to Tokyo, bringing hopes and dreams just like in 1964

Our movie and presentation helped tip the balance of votes toward Japan, successfully bringing the Olympic Games back to Tokyo for the first time in 56 years. A week after the Olympic announcement, our movie had been viewed over one million views.