Anker Anker|#Summer Wish 2020


Together, let’s rewrite the summer and make it the best.



Because of the coronavirus crisis, many hopes and wishes of the summer could not be accomplished.

Summer 2020, Tokyo was anticipating wild excitement. But due to the coronavirus crisis, live entertainments, summer festivals, interscholastic athletic meets, firework shows, beaches, trips and many other events had to be cancelled. Times spent together with friends, lovers and colleagues turned into times being alone. With such social environment and insight in mind, we thought of ways to promote Soundcore, an audio brand with a basic positioning of “maximum enjoyment of music by our users, artists and fans all together.” While the awareness of Soundcore remains low, it was necessary to implement a new way of communication and promotion that are different from other competitive audio brands. Anker is a brand that have grown reflecting the voices of the users. So now with Soundcore, we also wanted to find approaches attending to the minds of its users.


Artists, fans and the brand come together to bring shape to hopes and wishes, “#Summer Wish 2020”

Anker Japan’s mission is “Empowering Smarter Lives” and Soundcore’s basic positioning is “maximum enjoyment of music by our true users, artists and fans all together.” With these in mind, we reached a conclusion that while empowering the music industry in Anker Japan way, we will conduct a promotion for Soundcore by collaborating with next generation artists and providing contents desired by the users to maximize their enjoyment of music.

Soundcore brand personified by “Dibbit” character.

We invented a rabbit character “Dibbit” to personify the Soundcore brand image and introduce the new brand into the audio market differentiating it from other competitive brands. “Dibbit” will appear in key visuals and various promotions as an advertising figure with a role to connect the brand and the users. For speedy communication, we designed “Dibbit” using the same body color of the product for immediate recall and put on a headphone in the shape of the Soundcore logo “d.” We set up a new Twitter account (https:/ to send out music information and product information while assuming a role of interactive communication with the users.