Princess Cruises Corporate Ad 30 columns Newspaper Ad

Getting ready to sail the World again


Cruise cancellations and advertising refrain continued in 2020.

With the impact of COVID-19, all scheduled cruises were cancelled since March 2020, and advertisements activities have also not been conducted since January of 2020.

Message communicated in a careful and sincere manner.

For the first advertisement delivered since the suspension of operation, a 30 columns corporate ad was placed in nationwide versions of Asahi and Yomiuri newspapers on Nov. 28, 2020. Together with a written message of the corporate philosophy by the President, Jan Schwartz, the advertisement expressed gratitude and explained the current action in detail. Furthermore, it introduced the safety measures in three principles of, "do not leave behind" "do not bring in" and "do not spread." It also stated that these safety measures will be strengthened and updated as necessary.