Japanese Red Cross Society Japanese Red Cross Society /Activity Enhancement Month 2016


People are being tested now.



Out of sight, out of mind.

In 2016, we produced an advertising campaign for Japanese Red Cross Society during its annual activity enhancement month. There are poor children starving in Africa, refugees overwhelming host facilities and natural disasters depriving people of normal lives around the world. Yet relatively few people aware of these facts take action to lend assistance. To help Japanese Red Cross Society collect more donations, we wanted to draw people’s attention away from their own lives and remind them of these issues.


A moving message that informs

Social cause marketing is hard. While people are aware of those suffering from poverty and disaster around the world, very few actually take action. We wanted to create a message that personalized these issues by contrasting these problems with the peaceful everyday lives lived by others. While those suffering may be geographically distant, they are still living under the same sky as us. Our TV commercial removed the gap between us by using a fast-forwarding technique that zoomed freely between distances between those living in peace and those in crisis. Simple visuals and photos are presented with phrases in a news style format. A main message of “People are being tested now” inspires viewers to donate.


An integrated approach to inspire real support.

The TV commercial, posters, brochures, websites and banners we made were effective both for mass promotion and local community efforts. They raised awareness and supported the client’s activities by encouraging personal action.