Francfranc Francfranc | 100-GIFTS Christmas Story



This is a music video with a V-commerce function where the users are challenged to find 100 varieties of Francfranc Christmas gift items scattered around in the video. From the gifts retrieved, users select their three most favorite items and enter a campaign to send them to friends and loved ones as a surprise gift. With a smartphone, using its gyro sensor, an experience of finding gifts from a photo that moves in parallax motion depending on the tilt of the smartphone or the user’s position is provided. By freely controlling the screen of the smartphone, users can enjoy a sense of realism of being inside the world of the video. The music video featuring BENI, a high-speed camera moving at a speed of about 40 kilos per hour is used for the shoot. By playing it back in super slow motion, viewers are provided a feeling of looking at a show window. CD of the original Christmas song, “Fun Fun Christmas” was also released.