Three video/digital works by ENJIN TOKYO are given Good Design Awards



Three pieces planned and produced by ENJIN TOKYO won Good Design Awards in 2018, namely the Japan National Tourism Organization’s (JNTO) “JAPAN – Where tradition meets the future,” a 360° VR Japan brand promotion video; ANA’s “IS JAPAN COOL? DOU,” an online promotional video for foreign audiences; and Nomura Holdings’ “My Personal Best,” a promotional video for the Tokyo 2020 Olympics. As the Good Design Award is mostly given for products demonstrating good design, the intangible nature of video and web design makes these awards notable.

<Award-winning pieces>
▼”[360°VR] JAPAN – Where tradition meets the future”
Comments by judge: At a time when there is no shortage of VR content, this piece makes use of VR’s unique methods of expression and showcases direction and content design that effectively captures what foreigners find appealing about Japan, making it something eminently watchable until the end.

Comments by judge: Among other things, the piece’s success in translating Japan’s dynamic martial arts into 3D data and making it move on the web in real time, having built a Japanse martial arts “interactive” archive and achieving a design that, without the need for words, speaks clearly to everyone regardless of where they’re from.

▼My Personal Best
For a film, looking at each person as they pursue their own personal best is a unique concept. It is also inspiring how each person passionately strives to retrain themselves and achieve their own personal best for their own reasons. Although it was made as an advertisement to drum up momentum for the 2020 Olympics, the film achieves something more by delivering a universal message.

■About the Good Design Award
Carrying on the torch for the Good Design Products Selection System, which was established in 1957, the Good Design Award is a movement to evaluate and promote some of Japan’s greatest designs. As a global design award participated in by many companies and organizations both in Japan and abroad, Good Design Awards are presented every year with the goal of improving quality of life and leveraging design in addressing social problems and needs. The “G Mark” that symbolizes the award is widely recognized as a mark that indicates outstanding design.