Johnson & Johnson Vision Care Company Johnson & Johnson Vision Care Company | Launch communication of Acuvue® OASYS with Transitions™


Communication activities for the launch of the world’s first “Transitions Contact Lens”



Letting the Japanese people become aware of the “stress caused by light.”

“Acuvue® OASYS with Transitions™” is the world’s first contact lenses which is able to “automatically adjust the amount of light that enters the eyes.” We took charge of the planning and creative of a special movie image and various other communication contents to prepare for the launch in the Japanese market. While having the first-of-its-kind adaptive technology to variable light conditions, contact lenses is an advanced medical product. In order to promote continued purchase, we wanted to show its value so that the product becomes more than a purchase out of curiosity. Compared to overseas, the need for “transition lenses” in the Japanese market is not yet conspicuous. Therefore, our assignment was to develop a creative idea to turn people’s minds to the issue of “stress caused by light” hidden in daily light and arouse concerns to this problem.


Introducing, the world’s first contact lenses that controls light.

In order to create an intuitive understanding of the first-of-its-kind transition feature, we developed a key word, “contact lenses that controls light” for the tag line. We chose a famous Japanese actor Arata Iura, also known as photographer and enthusiastic art lover as a brand character to appear in the special movie image and other key visuals. The work attempts to express the “adjusts to light” benefit of Acuvue® OASYS Transitions™ in a symbolic manner by portraying Arata Iura in vibrant and lively action with a vision of a “clear and vivid world” free from intrusions of unexpected light and other noise due to light conditions and having him speak about his personal impression of the clear vision in his own words.

For use as sales promotion material in stores and on the website, we developed graphics and movie image that show product features in detail and in easy to understand manner.

We planned and developed visual executions in the forms of graphics and movie image to create intuitive understanding and portray benefit image of the transition feature which may be difficult to envision by verbal communication. The plan is to install them at over 1,300 contact lens stores nationwide and on the website advertisement.